Knicks & Gers on a Friday Night

Two road games tonight for NYC’s real winter professional sports teams, (we do not acknowledge the existence of the Nets or Islanders) as the Knicks are in Toronto to take on the Raptors and the Gers in beautiful Columbus, Ohio for a tilt with the Jackets.

The Knicks are coming off what feels like their 100th come back win after defeating an undermanned Jazz team the other night at the Garden. ‘Timmy’s Shimmy’ was on full display, as the guard went off for a team high 26 points and a couple clutch shots down the stretch. I came into the season thinking like everyone else, “why the hell did we just pay this guy 70+ million when we had him on his rookie contract just a year ago…” While I still think he jacks up too many awful shots, he is a very productive 2 when he plays within himself and acts as a second fiddle scorer. Go Timmy Go.

The Raptors have turned into the team that you know will be a top 4 seed in the east year in and year out and also know that they will never win anything. Good enough to be good in the east, but never good enough to win it, or come close to competing with the west. With that being said, they did have a suprising win in Houston and return home for two games before coming to the Garden for a rematch next week. The Knicks are covering spreads like its their job this year, give me those points.

Bonus: Got to love Kanter continuing to put Erdogan on blast whenever he can. Dude is an enemy to his native country and gives no fucks. The legend continues to grow.

Turning to the ice, here is a brief blurb from our dudes over at Boyz N Gers. These guys never fail to deliver.

Seems like just yesterday when we were scoring PP goals at will against Torts boys in the 3rd period. That was some wild stuff, some questionable calls by the refs for sure but that has been the norm all season as you could probably now get a penalty for messing up a guy’s tape job.

Blue Jackets were without Scam Atkinson last time they played and he for sure is a difference maker. Was kind of hoping he became a free agent at the end of the year and the Gers got him but the Blue Jackets took that away when they locked him up for 7 more years last night.

A quick scroll down to the Quick Hitters will show you that the Blue Jackets rank dead last on the Power Play this season. No surprise there from a Torts coached team. Those guys get yelled at so much to block shots that you got Foligno and Hartnell blocking shots from Jones and Werenski at the point. Yeah I know that Hartnell is on Smashville now but he is still so rattled that he’s flying in just to eat a few clappers so he doesn’t get bag skated in practice.

Oh yeah and Smitty is free! LFG he is going to play like an absolute goddamn savage tonight. Hacks and crosschecks all night. Don’t be surprised if he rips a G. We did it Tommy G Jr!!! #FreeSmitty


Rangers @ Blackhawks via BOYS N GERS

Subscriber Note of the Game

Boyz, I am fully in camp #FreeSmitty. Not a huge fan of Kampfer….it’s like hey, if I don’t notice you on the ice Stevie, you’re doing fine. But when I do, you’re either getting dusted by 4th liners or taking penalties. #FreeSmitty

– “Thomas”


I dunno Tommy, kinda seems like you’re just nitpicking for nitpicking’s sake. We’ve won so many games in a row I didn’t even remember Smitty was on the team. LFG Kampfer.

– The Boyz (that was Jim, I am full #TeamSmitty LFG)

 Game 19/82
New York Rangers vs. Chicago Blackhawks
United Center | Chicago, Illinois
11.15.17 | 8:00 PM




If you missed the Subscriber Note of the Game, I’m being serious when I say we’ve won so many games in a row that I forgot Smitty was even on the team. We’ve won so many games in a row I don’t even know how many games in a row we’ve won. 6, 7?Either way, the Gers hit the Windy City firing on all cylinders in hopes of taking down a good – but not great – Chicago Blackhawks team. To be fair, though, a lot of teams have only been good so far in The National (btw “the National” is the new nickname for the NHL per Kevin Weekes. LFG Savage! Huge thanks to loyal subscriber, “Nano Heilbron”, for this astute observation).Let’s keep an eye out tonight for Buch, Zibby, and Zucc to keep cruising in the points column. Obviously it appears as if Slick Rick has been spending time near the fireplace ’cause he is for sure HEATING up, which is just every team’s worst nightmare. 


Team Records


9-7-2 (20 pts)

PP: 25.76% (3rd)

PK: 81.36% (12th


 8-8-2 (18 pts)

PP: 14.29% (28th)

PK: 83.58% (10th)

Team Leaders


G: Three Tied (8)

A: Three Tied (12)

Pts: Zibanejad (18)


G: Saad (7) 

A: Kane (11)

Pts: Kane (17)


A lot of my readers have been asking me this year if this is the beginning of the end of Blackhawks dynasty. I have been reluctant to answer affirmatively but I am starting to think that it just might be. Look I am huge fan of Schemin’ Stan Bowman, but some of his recent moves have been head scratching.What was he thinking with this blueline? While successful in the past rolling 4 dmen while Rozsival roamed around for about 10 minutes per night, he has out-done himself this year by trying to roll 2 dmen and let guys named Rutta, Forsling and Kempny. Would definitely not hate bringing the Czech Crusher back though, I loved Rozsival.They don’t call Rozsival the Czech Crusher because of his hits, I don’t think I ever saw him lay the body once. But every roadtrip he would bring 3 bags of BBQ Lays chips, stomp on all of them until the chips were sufficiently crushed, and then consolidate them in to one bag. He would then proceed to dump the chips in his mouth straight out of the side of the bag, he said he hated getting the excess BBQ dust on his hands. Wild stuff.


This Wednesday we will focus on former NHL goalie Arturs Irbe. Some of you might remember him as the tendy who wore a players helmet and flopped all over the crease (think Hasek but not as good), other may know him as Kevin Weekes once crowned him the fastest goalie he has ever seen when it came to getting his pads on.What you might not know though is that, even though he retired from the NHL in 2004, he last suited up for an NHL team in 2015, when he was 47 years old. While he was the goalie coach for the Sabres, their starting goalie was once injured early in a game, leaving the team with no backup. True to form, Irbe changed from his suit to full gear before the next whistle. He did not get in the game, but continued to coach while serving as the backup tendy.Now a coach for the Latvian Men’s National team, do not be surprised if a couple Latvian goalies start going down with mysterious illnesses during these next Olympics. Next thing you know Irbe will be stacking the pads against the pride of USA Hockey, Matt Gilroy.

NYC Monday Morning Hangover: Knicks host the Cavs; Giants embarrassment continues, the Rangers are back

Mondays suck. 44 degree cloudy Mondays are even worse. The Giants suck. Cold, cloudy Monday’s + The Giants = Fire McAdoo. Just do it. Those are all the words that need to be spent today on the Giants.

Lebron James and his opinions on everything that have nothing to do with him return to the Garden tonight to face our Latvian prince. The Knicks destroyed the Cavs in Cleveland just over two weeks ago and will look to follow up that win with a statement game tonight. The Cavs have looked less interested in playing regular season games this year then Roy Moore is in women over 18, while the Knicks have shown a new found grit and determination to prove that this team is the starting pieces of a new beginning. B2B will be in the house for this one and expect the Knicks to play with a little extra fire after James’ comments about Frank.

We will have a new installment from our good friends over at the BOYZ N GERS on Wednesday, but in the mean time, could not leave out that the blue shirts are winners of six in a row and Jimmy Vesey is the newest member of the #hockeyguy club. What started out as a disaster of a year has quickly taken a turn in the right direction and put all immediate questions aside regarding this teams ability to stay near the top of the East.

Bruins at Rangers (NBCSN) – via BOYZ N GERS

Night 1 and we already have our good friends over at the BOYZ N GERS bringing you everything you need to know about tonight’s game at the Garden. Enjoy their coverage below and be sure to send them fan mail at

Subscriber Note of the Game
“Panarin/Jones each have 11 points, not 10. Idiots. Can we trust anything you say in the future?”
– Conor (Connor?…joke B’s fan)
Conor, we appreciate you reading so closely. However, you are in fact the idiot, idiot. Not just for being a B’s fan, but for thinking that we would give Panarin and Jones apples on this bullshit goal:
Besides Panarin’s obvious hook 6 seconds into the clip, this is a JOKE that they allowed this goal. Wennberg clearly punches the puck in. Even if the Wild didn’t protest the game, the least we can do is take those assists away from both Panarin and Jones. So…they did have 10 points at the time, idiot.
Game 17/82
New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins
11/8/17 | 8:00 PM (standard Rivalry Night puck drop time)


First order of business is officially declaring that the NEW YORK RANGERS ARE FUCKIN’ BACK – LFG BOYS. Holy hell I was sweatin’ in my mom’s garage for the first 12 games but goddamn all of the sudden I am so fired up for the Cup parade in June.
Seriously, is Brady Skjei the best d-man in the Eastern Conference? He’s a one-man breakout every time he has the puck behind his own net. And how about Miller, Zibanejad, and Buchnevich? Those three are on their way to becoming untouchable in this organization.
The only thing you can really ask for now is for SMITTY and HANK to wake up and start playing like the SAVIGÉS we know they are. 
By the way, we are going to run over the Bruins. They are really bad. 


Team Records

NYR7-7-2 (16 pts)

PP: 24.2% PK: 81.1%


6-4-3 (15 pts)

PP:25.5% PK: 87.2%


It’s been a lackluster season for Cassidy’s Causeway Kids thus far. Plagued by injuries (add Marchy to the list that already includes Krejci, Backes, Spooner and Darth Quaider) and an absurd October schedule that saw them play once a week, the B’s haven’t been able to build any real momentum and sit on 15 points through 13 games. (2-1-2 last 5). 
I don’t hate what I see out there, but I certainly don’t love it. Some of the young guys looks good. Tuukka remains a mystery. McAvoidagoal has been a letdown. Is Chara back?!? I’ve accepted the fact that mid-season games against the Hurricanes are now must win, and that’s it’s gonna be a gritty, blue-collar season. But B’s fans are blue collar guys and gals. Gimme that 7 seed and let’s make an epic cup run…
Oh and that momentum I was talking about? What better way to build some then by chasing Hank after the 1st period and laying a good old fashioned Big Bad Bruins beat down on the Rags at The (fake) Garden!!
Good luck tonight @boyz. Go B’s.
– “Bandy’s B’s Guest Take” by Jack Bandera (loyal subscriber)


Pretty obvious alliteration to go with when you’re playing against the Boston Bruins. So, here it goes…
The B’s are so washed up they’re hosting a charity car wash where Krejci, Bergeron, Chara, and McQuaid are gonna scrub people’s cars all day long – not for money, but for forgiveness.
The B’s are so washed up I heard Charlie McAvoy was mistaken for a dead whale on the Cape over the summer. #Fatso
The B’s are so washed up that Jack Bandera was the “most dedicated B’s fan” we could think of to write the Guest Take today.
The B’s are so washed up Tanner Glass turned down a contract offer last night.
The B’s are so washed up “Ian” and “Conor” are fans.
The B’s are so washed up half of their “fanbase” subscribes to Boyz ‘N Gers.
The B’s stink.

The Dawn of Broadway2Boylston

Today, we embark on a new chapter in contributing to the entirely oversaturated markets of New York and Boston sports journalism.

You see, we feel that this once-bitter rivalry between New York and Boston has fizzled from it’s Glory Days of old.

The teams don’t hate each other like they once did, the fights are absent from the games (and stands) and the playoff matchups are nowhere to be found. With that being said, two decent writers and better friends, one from the island of Manhattan, the other from “just outside of Boston,” have been tasked with reigniting this great sports rivalry through the art form any millennial can pick up on a Wednesday afternoon – blogging/podcasting/tweeting/subtweeting/shade-throwing and more! We hope you enjoy!

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