We love sports. It is why we started this site and why we will continue to write each and every day. We also love many other things – music, tv, politics (sometimes) and the internet in general.

Every Wednesday we will be taking a step back from our normal NYC/BOS sports coverage to bring you Halftime. A column encapsulates everything else we love, hate or just find interesting and want to share. Here is to diversifying the portfolio.


Anderson East – All On My Mind

I am a music guy. Listen to it, see live shows, might have even worked/still work in the industry depending on who you talk to. It is only right I start off this non sports post with my current favorite tune, Anderson East’s, “All On My Mind.” The Alabama native is gearing up to release his second LP and the debut single does not disappoint. If you are a fan of rock music that has some soul in it, this one is for you.


John Oliver’s on Net Neutrality

Whether you love or hate John Oliver’s show, or simply don’t know who he is and have never watched it, his segment on net neutrality is important viewing material for anyone who enjoys using the internet as they please. With the season finale of ‘Last Week Tonight’ airing this past Sunday, I felt it necessary to highlight a piece from this run that targets an issue both sides of the political spectrum SHOULD agree on. No religion, no guns, no emails, no taxes, just access to viewing your favorite websites.


The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach

Though this book came out in 2011, it felt just as relevant to read the past few months. I am not hear to claim I am the worlds best reader, I am not. But simply put, this book was worth it. It had a bit of everything to grasp onto: college life, sports, unusual relationships, an unfamiliar setting (for myself) and plenty of momentous occurrences that somehow tied it all together. It was reported this year that the book would be adopted into a movie, so if you aren’t the type to read 544 pages, a visual solution is on the way.


Ping Pong

Great game, love it, been playing a lot lately, highly recommend.