Celtics win streak extends to 10 games, Kyrie continues to shine away from LeBron

Lead by the play of Kyrie Irving, the Celtics extended their league-best record to 10-2 after opening the season in a 0-2 hole following the loss of Gordon Hayward. Perhaps what has been most impressive about the streaking C’s is the manner in which they have been able to pull out wins, including ugly performances such as that turned in vs. The Zo-time Lakers last night.

Irving continues to defy expectations, shedding many of his former labels of being selfish, arrogant, and a defensive liability. The story of the Celtics season thus far is simple: Irving appears to be at his best, and one of the best in the league, when he plays to make his teammates better. The league-steals leader (you read that right) has surprised everyone with his play on the defensive end, while facilitating an offense that can both thrive with the ball in his hands or while he makes an extra swing pass to poaching kiddos Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. As Irving goes, the Celtics will go, and we can suddenly ponder if they will be riding a 13-game streak into a primetime matchup with the Warriors (just the Hornets, Raptors and Nets stand in their way…) next Thursday night.

It might not show up in the scoring column every night, but the new face of the franchise has a very steady MVP-campaign already underway as he continues to put a young team with mounting injuries on his back, on both ends of the floor.


The Dawn of Broadway2Boylston

Today, we embark on a new chapter in contributing to the entirely oversaturated markets of New York and Boston sports journalism.

You see, we feel that this once-bitter rivalry between New York and Boston has fizzled from it’s Glory Days of old.

The teams don’t hate each other like they once did, the fights are absent from the games (and stands) and the playoff matchups are nowhere to be found. With that being said, two decent writers and better friends, one from the island of Manhattan, the other from “just outside of Boston,” have been tasked with reigniting this great sports rivalry through the art form any millennial can pick up on a¬†Wednesday¬†afternoon – blogging/podcasting/tweeting/subtweeting/shade-throwing and more! We hope you enjoy!

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