The 2017-18 NY Knicks: 20 Games In

Back in August, Vegas released the over/under for the Knicks total wins, setting the mark at 30.5. I am a betting man, but decided to stay away from this one; there was simply no winning side to pick. On one side of my heart, I never thought this team would eclipse 30 wins. On the other side, when you love a team and root for them night in and night out, you think they will be victorious every game.

20 games in and the Knicks are a .500 team. Porzingis is a budding star, seemingly destined to be an all NBA performer for many years to come, but slumping as of recent. The rest of the team is filled with contracts that will be gone in 1 to 2 years, or potential pieces to hopefully surround another top tier player joining us in free agency.

A title was not expected this season, but after everything Knick fans have been through, this group (KP, Kanter & sometimes Frank/Timmy) feels like a breath of fresh air. The stench of Phil and Carmelo is long gone, taking with them their ball stopping offense and prepubescent verbal spats. The Garden is alive again and not just in the “we sell out every game regardless of who is wearing a jersey,” type of way. You give this fanbase a young star and some semblance of hope past this year that smart front office decisions will be made and they will respond.

I will not get ahead of myself because history has taught me better, but I feel hopeful in a realistic way for the firs time…ever. Here is to more then 10 wins in our next 20 games and getting KP back on track. Playoffs anyone?



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